I am both an authentic classical Pilates instructor (2nd generation), certified to teach every exercise on every piece of equipment that Joseph Pilates created, and a fully authorized MELT® (trained in MELT®, MELT® Hand & Foot, MELT® for Pilates and NeuroStrength) instructor (taught by MELT® creator Sue Hitzmann).

The combination of these two modalities (that go so well together) will change how you feel, look, move and age. With MELT® I can teach you how to self-treat yourself to feel better and with Pilates I can help you reconnect to your body, realign, strengthen, stretch and get you feeling and looking better than you ever have. The advantage of my specific training and experience is that I can both train professional athletes and I can rehabilitate seniors recovering from major surgery. It’s for everyone!

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And if you still want to read more about me-here’s my theatre/teaching website and a little bio:

As the daughter of internationally acclaimed ballet dancers, I have been a lifelong student of movement. I studied dance around the world (including the renowned Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg) and am a graduate of the Boston Ballet School Professional Division. I expanded my performance training by majoring in theatre and orchestral conducting at Wellesley College and received my MFA in theatre from Trinity Rep. Conservatory.

I regularly took Pilates classes as part of my early dance training.  But it wasn’t till many years later when I began private sessions that I learned first hand the true potential that Pilates has to heal the body (my lifelong back pain was gone after a month!). Because of this, I enrolled in the world renowned Romana’s Pilates certification program in New York and under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska (Joseph Pilates protege) and her daughter Sari,  my passion for Pilates and it’s incredible results with all populations, changed the course of my career and life. In 2009 I completed my initial MELT® certification under the tutelage of MELT® founder Sue Hitzmann and have been amazed by the results of combining these two modalities. In addition to enjoying an active practice in NYC, CT, NC, and now RI, I taught eight seasons as a guest teacher at the Authentic Pilates Studio in Oxford, England and have worked with clients ranging in ability from polio victims to former Olympic Hockey players.

In addition to teaching Pilates and MELT®, and acting onstage, I am also an acting instructor, specializing in acting for dancers and movement for actors. Please see my website for more info on this aspect of my career.